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Who Requires a CONNECT DJ Licence?

Someone who makes copies of sound recordings onto a recordable digital medium (such as a computer hard drive, USB drive, MP3 player, smartphone, CD-Rs, external hard drive, etc.) for a commercial, non-personal use.



DJs using copies of sound recordings at public events, weddings, bars/clubs, etc.


Establishments using copies of sound recordings as background music in their venues (ex. bars, clubs, restaurants, retail stores, offices, theatres, arenas, etc)
Dance Studios / Fitness Instructors

Dance Studios / Fitness Instructors

Dance/fitness instructors using copies of sound recordings during classes, recitals, special events, etc.
Single Events

Single Events

Individuals or event planners using copies of sound recordings for a one-time public event
Annual Standard DJ Licence
valid for 1 year
$331.55 + tax
Single Event DJ Licence
valid for 24 hours
$50 + tax
If you already have an account with us, log in and purchase your licence once inside your account.

Licensing Through a DJ Association or DJ Agent

If you are a member of a CONNECT licensed DJ Association, you may obtain the Standard DJ licence through your association at a preferred rate:

  • Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA)
  • Canadian Disc Jockey Association (CDJA)
  • Mobile Entertainment Alliance Canada (via Dennis Hampson)

Approved Music Sources

  • Store bought CDs
  • iTunes downloads (in conjunction with a CONNECT licence)
  • DMDS
  • CONNECT licensed Music Supply Service & Video Pool content
  • Digital feeds directly from the record companies (there may be a charge for this service)

Uses That Can’t Be Authorized by CONNECT

  • Synchronization (embedding of sound recordings into visual presentations)
  • Compiling sound recordings on digital mediums to use as “give-aways” or to sell
  • Karaoke tracks (contact the karaoke production company re: licensing)
  • Online streaming performances (eg. Facebook live, Instagram, Zoom)

Find a Licensed DJ

View a list of the current DJs who have licensed directly through CONNECT.
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Reporting Unlicensed Activity

If you have reason to believe that a DJ/Venue is operating a business using unlicensed reproductions of sound recordings without a valid DJ licence, please complete the DJ/Venue Tip Sheet.
Submit DJ/Venue Tip Sheet