Disc Jockeys

Standard "All-in-One" Licence

If you are a DJ who would like to copy music onto a hard drive source (Digital Program) using MPEG-3 or an equivalent form of compression, and make compilations on CD-Rs, Tapes, or Mini-discs, then this licence is for you.

Some terms of this licence include:

  • This licence is valid from the date of execution until December 31st of the same year (license fees are not prorated)
  • You may copy music on MP3 or equivalent form of compression (not a higher form of compression)
  • Copies can be made on any of the following recordable media: CDs, CD-Rs, cassettes, minidiscs, DATs, DVDs, memory cards and hard drives (external or internal), by means of which sound recordings may be reproduced
  • You are allowed only one (1) hard drive source plus unlimited physical carriers (CDs, CD-Rs, cassettes, etc.)
  • Licensee may retain one (1) back-up copy of their library, provided that the sound recordings are not performed in public
  • This licence is non-transferable and is for your sole use of you and/or your company's employees
  • You may not sell or give away music compilations. The music is for LEASE only and are subject to recall at the end of the agreement or at CONNECT Music Licensing's discretion
  • You also have the option to create a sampler of 30 second clips to promote your business as long as you do not edit or alter the music in any way except to make the 30 second clip
  • Recorded remixes or mash-ups are strictly prohibited, please contact the record labels directly for more information
  • The programs are for use in the territory of Canada only
  • CONNECT Music Licensing and the record companies are not obligated to provide the source music
  • Your copies must be from the commercial product made by the record companies to assure quality
  • Digital downloads from the internet are prohibited, unless from a CONNECT Music Licensing approved source
  • CONNECT Music Licensing reserves the right to exclude certain songs as directed by the record companies (ex. restricted artists)
  • As a CONNECT Music Licensing licensee, your display licence should accompany you to every event

Fee: The licence fee is $331.55 + GST/HST per system.





For more information please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.

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