Microcaster/Semi-interactive/Non-interactive Webcasting

If you are a music supplier looking to copy sound recordings in a compressed format for the sole purpose of making non-interactive/semi-interactive webcasts accessible in the Territory to supply to subscribers, this license is for you.

Some terms of this agreement include:

  • This licence is valid for one (1) year commencing on the date the service launches.
  • Non-exclusive licence for reproduction of sound recordings in connection with the Service (i.e. CONNECT Music Licensing/SOPROQ may license other services)
  • Scope limited to Canadian users
  • Online and mobile included
  • Semi-Interactive/Non-Interactive Webcasting included
  • Storage to devices for later play not permitted (caching merely to improve streaming quality allowed)
  • In addition to other specified restrictions, functionality being licensed must not exceed that permitted for statutory license webcasters under U.S. law.  In particular, Service must abide strictly by the Performance Complement in addition to any other programming restrictions specified by CONNECT Music Licensing/SOPROQ
  • Limited skipping permitted (six skips per hour, cannot skip back, repeat, rewind or fast forward or otherwise affect timing of the communication)
  • Co-Branding Restricted
  • All online streams shall include links to an online retailer when available
  • Schedule announcements:  permit announcement of the upcoming track only
  • Compliance with minimum DRM/Metadata guidelines
  • Cross-fading and stream-ripping requirements
  • Service to track and report number of subscribers to the Service
  • At each label's discretion, Service may be required to receive delivery of catalogue directly by label under each label's content servicing rate.
  • Reporting and payment requirements as specified in agreement
  • Service responsible for payment of all applicable publishing and public performance royalties (e.g. SOCAN, CSI, Re: Sound)


Licence fees are determined based on the scope of the service/webcast. For more information on licence fees or for official terms of this agreement, please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.

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