MSS Streaming

If you are a music supplier looking to copy sound recordings in a compressed format for the sole purpose of making webcasts which are encrypted and accessible in the Territory to supply to commercial subscribers, this license is for you.

Some terms of this agreement include:

  • This licence is valid for one (1) year commencing on the date of execution.
  • You are expected to submit in writing the form of compression you wish to use to copy music.
  • This licence is for the territory of Canada only.
  • An encryption method must be used on the copies you reproduce to avoid illegal copying by your subscribers.
  • CONNECT Music Licensing and the record companies are not obligated to provide source music.
  • You may only copy music from CONNECT Music Licensing approved sources.
  • You are required to copy music at equal or higher quality as intended by the record company.
  • The music copied may not contain commercial messages nor may they be edited or altered in any way.
  • You will be required to submit monthly reports to CONNECT Music Licensing of your commercial subscribers, the songs used and revenue details.

Licence Fee: Non-refundable minimum annual guarantee: $10,000.
Licence fees are calculated as the greater of the minimum guarantee or 15% of gross revenue of the service, plus applicable G.S.T. or H.S.T.

For more information or for official terms of this agreement, please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.

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