DVD-R Video Pool Licence

Video pools will need this license if they would like to copy music videos onto recordable DVD (DVD-R) for lease to subscribers.

Some terms of this agreement include:

  • This licence is valid for one (1) year.
  • DVD-Rs are for LEASE only and NOT FOR SALE.
  • The DVD-Rs are for display within Canada only.
  • No form of compression may be used to copy the music videos onto DVD-R.
  • A third party company may not be used to copy the music videos onto DVD-R.
  • A third party distributor may not be used to distribute the DVD-Rs.
  • The record companies have no obligation to provide music videos.
  • Music videos may only be copied from CONNECT Music Licensing approved sources.
  • Downloading music videos from the internet is strictly prohibited.
  • A list of requested music videos must be submitted to CONNECT Music Licensing prior to copying onto DVD-R.
  • Only videos approved by the record companies may be copied onto DVD-R.
  • Each DVD-R must be identified by a unique serial number.
  • Copies of signed lease agreements from the video pool subscribers must be submitted to CONNECT Music Licensing.
  • CONNECT Music Licensing may at any time recall the use of music videos as directed by the record companies.
  • The DVD-Rs are for use by the video pool's commercial subscribers operating performances to the public for entertainment and are not intended for private home use.
  • The music videos may not be edited or altered in any way nor should the DVD-R contain commercial messages.
  • You may not sell music video compilations. These compilations are for LEASE only and are subject to recall at the end of the agreement or at CONNECT Music Licensing's discretion.


Non-Interest Bearing Advance: $2,500.00

Licence Fee: Forty-four cents ($0.44) per copy per Music Video embodied on a Digital Program, plus applicable G.S.T. and H.S.T.

For more information or for official terms of this agreement, please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.

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