Membership Summary

The following is a brief summary of the provisions contained in a CONNECT Music Licensing Agency Agreement and is not meant to replace the Agreement. For complete terms and conditions, the full Agreement must be read. It is suggested that the Agreement be read in full and consultation with independent legal counsel be obtained prior to execution.

Membership Summary: download PDF document


Grant of Licence

CONNECT Music Licensing members grant and appoint CONNECT Music Licensing as their non-exclusive agent to issue licences to third parties authorizing the copying of sound recordings and the copying and exhibition of music videos in which they own or control the copyright in the Territory. CONNECT Music Licensing is also authorized to administer, collect and distribute royalties from the public performance of sound recordings (Neighbouring Rights), as well as royalties from manufacturers and importers of blank audio recording media (Private Copying Levy).

CONNECT Music Licensing members retain all rights, title and interest in their sound recordings and music videos and any related packaging, and to all copies reproduced there from. The rights granted to CONNECT Music Licensing do not include any rights of title or ownership to the member's sound recordings and/or music videos.


Term & Territory

The Agreement is for an indefinite term. The territory of the Agreement is Canada (CONNECT Music Licensing does not operate any of its licensing programs outside Canada).


CONNECT Music Licensing's Undertakings

CONNECT Music Licensing shall actively solicit and negotiate with persons in Canada who wish to reproduce sound recordings and reproduce and exhibit music videos to the public. CONNECT Music Licensing shall grant non-exclusive licences to such persons permitting the exploitation of sound recordings and music videos individually, or coupled with other sound recordings and music videos. No sound recordings or music videos will be available for sale to the public.

Each CONNECT Music Licensing member reserves the right to prohibit the licensing by CONNECT Music Licensing of any of its sound recordings and music videos at any time upon prior written notice to CONNECT Music Licensing. Any such notice shall not affect licences issued by CONNECT Music Licensing prior to receipt of such notice unless CONNECT Music Licensing is expressly required to make all efforts to cease the reproduction of sound recordings and the reproduction and exhibition of music videos which have been previously licensed.

CONNECT Music Licensing shall collect all payments on behalf of each CONNECT Music Licensing member made under licences granted by CONNECT Music Licensing. Licence fees collected by CONNECT Music Licensing are paid out to its members within thirty days after the end of each fiscal quarter. Sound recording licence payments received by CONNECT Music Licensing on behalf of its members shall be calculated and paid out annually.


CONNECT Music Licensing is authorized by each CONNECT Music Licensing member to inspect books, records and documents of any CONNECT Music Licensing licensee on their behalf. Each CONNECT Music Licensing member has the right, upon prior written notice, to inspect the records and books of CONNECT Music Licensing pertaining to its Agreement with CONNECT Music Licensing.

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