List of Missing Members

We can't pay you if we can't find you! Below is a list of CONNECT Music Licensing members who have fallen out of touch.

Before being added to the missing member list, CONNECT Music Licensing will try to contact you at your address of record by mail, phone, fax, and email. We search the web looking for a current address. If all of these attempts fail, we will suspend collecting licence fees on your behalf, and post your name on our website.

If you are on the list, please contact us immediately and provide us with correct information so we can continue to collect royalties on your behalf.

All missing member names are posted on our website for a thirty day period. If we can't find you by the end of that period, we will close out your file. If you wish us to collect royalties on your behalf in the future, you will need to rejoin CONNECT Music Licensing.

List of Missing Members

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