Royalties Fact Sheet

Music Royalties in Canada

The guide below shows the companies in Canada that distribute music royalties.

Guide For Music Makers To Collect Music Royalties In Canada

Public Performance/Equitable Remuneration

Allows record companies to receive royalties for the public performance and broadcast of sound recordings. These fees can only be administered through a collective society such as CONNECT Music Licensing.

Are your sound recordings playing on the radio or being used as background music? If so, it's possible that your membership in CONNECT would lead to royalties for your eligible sound recordings.

Reproduction Rights

To broadcast your sound recordings and/or music videos, users (e.g., radio and television stations) must first reproduce these works. The reproduction right allows you to receive royalties for when your sound recordings and/or music videos are reproduced.

Licence Fees and how your royalties collected

CONNECT Music Licencing has licencing deals with business to business users who reproduce sound recordings for use in stores or for other commercial uses.  CONNECT Music Licensing pays out royalties to its members for these various uses. Please see our list of licensees and licences under the Licensing tab.

Private Copying

Fees collected from the private copying levies from the manufacturers and importers of blank sound recording media (DVD's CD-Rs, minidiscs, tapes etc.) are paid out to rights holders for their eligible sound recordings


EFT/Direct Deposit

We want you to get your money faster!  We utilize Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/Direct Deposit), so your licence fees can be directly deposited into your bank account.

Download the EFT Form

Repertoire Submission

To enable CONNECT Music Licensing to accurately collect royalty revenue on your behalf, it is integral that you keep us updated with any new titles your company owns or controls in the territory of Canada..  Using the spreadsheet below you can enter your new titles directly into our database via the "Sign In" button at the top right of the site.

Download the Repertoire Submission Form (Excel format)



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