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Understanding Royalties In the Digital Age Video Series

This series expands on information from CONNECT’s often-cited Music Royalties Explained infographic, and aims to help Canadian artist entrepreneurs collect all the royalties they are entitled to.

Made possible by the support of Ontario Creates, the four part series of short, shareable videos explores the process of licensing, distribution, and generating income from the broadcast and public performance of music.

The Anatomy of a Song

This video breaks down the components of a song to help explain what licenses are required whenever it is used: streamed, broadcast on the radio, or played in public.

Public Performance

This video explains how to ensure you are able to earn revenue from the public performance of music that you have written or performed.

Digital Distributors

This video outlines the benefits of Digital Distributors in getting your music heard and earning royalties from online plays of your music.

The Journey of a Song

This video describes the lifecycle of a song from performance (eg. radio broadcasts) and reproduction (eg. Digital Service Providers) to the Collective Management Organizations that collect the relevant data and fees used to distribute royalties.

Industry Insider Video Series

Presented by Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing

Hosted by Domanique Grant

Episode 1 - Artist Support Programs, with Amanda Power (Unison)

Unison is a critical safety-net for members of the Canadian music community to support them during times of crisis. In this first episode of the Industry Insider Video Series presented by Music Canada and CONNECT Music Licensing, host and Toronto-based artist Domanique Grant speaks with Amanda Power, Executive Director of the Unison Benevolent Fund, to provide artists and members of the Canadian music community with critical information about the support programs available to them through Unison, including their free counselling services and COVID-19 financial relief program.

Visit to register today, and for immediate assistance call toll free 1-855-9UNISON.

Episode 2 - Catherine Jones (CONNECT Music Licensing)

Catherine Jones, Executive Director of CONNECT, provides viewers with key information on the licensing landscape in Canada including copyright, distribution, ISRC codes, and registering with the correct CMOs. Visit the resources and infographics on this page that Catherine references for more helpful information.

Episode 3 - Allan Reid (CARAS, The JUNO Awards, Musicounts)

Domanique speaks with Allan Reid – President and CEO of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the not-for-profit umbrella organization for The JUNO Awards, MusiCounts, and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Allan discusses how artist entrepreneurs can build the foundations for success in the Canadian music business, and shares critical advice from his 30 year career.

Episode 4 - Shad (Artist, Host of Netflix's Hip-Hop Evolution)

In this final episode of the Industry Insider Video Series, JUNO Award-winning rap artist Shad sits down for an in-depth discussion about an artist’s balance of sustaining a living in music while staying true to their artistic visions. Domanique and Shad share their beliefs on how artists can use their personal compass to navigate their career growth without compromising their creative output and social responsibility.