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CONNECT Music Licensing launches new website, with streamlined information to support both members and licensees

June 15, 2021

CONNECT Music Licensing (CONNECT) has unveiled their new website, which includes new features and resources, and is designed to be easier to navigate and provide clear information for members and licensees.

The updated design delineates between music users (those who use music commercially or as part of their business) and music makers (such as rights holders and record labels). Through this design, those looking to license music for their business can easily review their options and find the licence that applies to them. A CONNECT licence is an easy, cost-effective way to permit a business or individual a blanket licence to make copies of sound recordings or music videos for commercial use.

The new website updates the CONNECT Member Portal with a streamlined layout that makes it easier for members and licensees to find what they need. The new website also includes resources that are accessible to both members and non-members of CONNECT. The new Artist-Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Centre is a dedicated online hub for artists seeking business related information, featuring business related tools, resources, and original content relevant to Canadian artist-entrepreneurs.

The website also allows artists to apply for an ISRC Code, which is the key to royalty collection for recordings. The ISRC, which stands for “International Standard Recording Code”, is the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. CONNECT assigns a three-character registrant code to the registrant, which allows them to create a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording – a digital fingerprint for the song and a key way that digital services and retailers track and identify recordings.

For disc jockeys, the new website makes it easy to renew or apply for a CONNECT DJ License for both single events and on an annual basis. As well, DJ licences are now available for full year terms, regardless of date of issue, whereas previously they were only available to issue within the calendar year. DJs can create a public profile and use their profile as proof of their license, replacing the previous physical licenses. It also allows users to find a licensed DJ by viewing the list of current DJs who have licensed directly through CONNECT.

“We are excited to launch the new, which outlines our important role in Canada’s music ecosystem and contains new features to connect music users with music makers,” said Catherine Jones, Vice President of CONNECT. “By streamlining the licensing process and clearly outlining how commercial users can license music to add value to their business, the new site will help unlock the value of music in Canada. The updated resources for members is part of our commitment to ensuring that our members are compensated for the commercial use of reproductions of their sound recordings and music videos.”

The updated website is available now at CONNECT members can visit to access the CONNECT Member Portal, using the same login credentials as on the previous website.