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Blackout Tuesday

Canada’s Music Incubator (CMI) opens online registration for 2020 Artist Entrepreneur and Artist Manager programs in Toronto

Important Member Notice: Repertoire Submission Deadlines for Public Performance Royalties

On Tuesday, June 2nd, CONNECT Music Licensing will join our industry colleagues in recognizing “Blackout Tuesday.”
In solidarity with the Black community, we will use this day for contemplation, reflection, and opportunities for social activism. We agree that more needs to be done to address racial inequality both in the justice system and day-to-day life.

CMI has opened 2020 online registration for their core professional development programs: Artist Entrepreneur (Mar & Aug) and Artist Manager (Oct) in Toronto. Both programs help emerging artists and artist managers across all genres build their businesses and careers through customized mentorship and professional development.
Artists and managers work hands-on with CMI and their expert network of trusted music industry professionals to develop their business, craft and confidence in the areas of revenue development, marketing, branding, social media, publicity, streaming, radio promotion, copyright, royalty collection, touring, funding, team building, contracts, and more. Artists will also experience a series of customized creative workshops, including live and studio performance, vocals and songwriting collaborations.
Ongoing access to CMI mentors and industry resources for artists and managers is included, at no additional cost.
Space for both sessions is limited. Apply online today!
Artist Entrepreneur – March 10 to May 1 & August 4 to September 25, 2020 – Tues to Fri – 10am-4pm
Artist Manager – October 6 to November 27, 2020 – Tues to Fri – 10am-4pm
For more information on CMI and our programs visit:
Or contact
“What stuck out to me about Artist Entrepreneur,” says award-winning artist, IsKw√©, “wasn’t just the learning experience, but the relationships that were built-both with the team at CMI and within the broader music industry. Everyone was really invested in helping the artists build their business, and that’s not always easy to find in this industry!”
Scottie Irving, Ottawa-based artist manager reflects, “When I started managing artists, I had nothing but hopes, hunches, and assumptions. Artist Manager helped me organize the chaos by giving me access to priceless knowledge, proven expertise and informed advice. It saved me from having to learn countless things the hard way.”
“Success is defined by the artist or manager,” says Vel Omazic, CMI’s executive director, “we exist as an organization to help them, regardless of genre or style, to bring focus to their goals and to provide them with the tools, processes and support needed, on an ongoing basis, to fill the gaps in their business and creative development.”

This message is to inform members of CONNECT Music Licensing that Re:Sound has published a distribution schedule that includes very important deadlines determining whether your recordings can receive public performance royalties for particular tariff years.
If you do not register your repertoire by the submission deadlines listed below, that repertoire will not be eligible to receive royalties for the corresponding “Royalty Years.”
Please note that the next upcoming repertoire submission deadline is September 1, 2019. If you hold the rights to sound recordings and do not register them before this date, those recordings will not be eligible to receive royalties for the royalty years 1998-2008. To check the repertoire you currently have registered with CONNECT and/or add new repertoire, log in to your CONNECT web portal account and navigate to the “Repertoire” tab along the top menu.
It is also important to note that beyond registration, additional factors will determine whether a recording is eligible to receive royalties including airplay received and criteria set out in the Canadian Copyright Act.

Below is the repertoire submission schedule for makers as it appears on Re:Sound’s website.

Royalty Years Repertoire Submission Deadline
1998-2008 September 1, 2019
2009-2016 September 1, 2020
2017 September 1, 2021
2018 September 1, 2022
2019 September 1, 2023
2020 and future years September 1 of 4th year following year for which distribution is being made

If you have any questions about repertoire submission deadlines, how to check your CONNECT repertoire, or how to register new repertoire, please contact us.