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DJ Licences

A CONNECT DJ Licence permits the copying of sound recordings to systems (such as a computer hard drive, USB drive, MP3 player, smartphone, CD-Rs, external hard drive, etc.) for the purpose of commercial, non-personal use.

Additional system licences may be required if more than one system is used at the same time for separate uses (eg. two DJs performing at the same venue in different rooms). Please see our FAQ or contact us for more information about DJ licences.

Single Event Licence Update (Sep. 2023)

We’ve streamlined our process for you! For single-event licences, there’s no longer a need to log in. Simply fill out the form to obtain your licence with ease. If you require a receipt from a purchase prior to September 1, 2023, just send us an email at, and we’ll promptly assist you. Cheers to simpler experiences!

Annual Standard DJ Licence

Please note, annual licences renew automatically. A renewal reminder is sent 1 month prior to the renewal date. You can cancel any time to disable auto-renew and your licences will remain active for the remainder of the term.

Purchase an Annual Licence

Single Event DJ Licence

Purchase a temporary licence for one-off events. The number of days is multiplied by the number of systems you have. If your event spans more than 6 days, it would be cheaper to buy an Annual Standard DJ Licence.

Purchase Single Event Licence