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When is a CONNECT DJ licence not required?

CONNECT cannot authorize:

I run a dance school and our instructors use personal copies of sound recordings. Do I need a licence?

If I subscribe to a CONNECT licensed Music Supply Service Company, do I need a separate CONNECT DJ licence?

What is the difference between CONNECT and SOCAN and Re:Sound?

You do not need a CONNECT DJ licence if:

  • You are only using the original purchased store-bought albums (ex. CD, vinyl, etc)
  • You are only using content that you’ve leased from a CONNECT licensed music supply service
  • You belong to a DJ Association and your CONNECT DJ licence is included in your association fees
  • Synchronization (embedding of sound recordings into visual presentations).
  • Compiling sound recordings on CD-Rs to use as “give-aways” or to sell.
  • Karaoke tracks (please contact the production companies of the karaoke discs for more information on licensing).

Yes, if your instructors are using copies of sound recordings as background music for their classes, you will need to obtain a CONNECT Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence for each classroom. Even though a dance school is technically not a “DJ”, the copies and use of the sound recordings is the same (performance to the public).

If you are only using the content supplied to you by one of CONNECT’s licensed Music Supply Service companies then you do not require any further licensing. However, if you are also using any copies of sound recordings on a hard drive source or CD-Rs that have been copied from your store bought CD’s/vinyl/etc… OR you have downloaded songs from iTunes in addition to the content you are subscribed to then you will require an additional CONNECT Standard “All-in-one” DJ licence.

CONNECT collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects reproduction royalties. SOCAN collects on behalf of the composers and authors of sound recordings and collects performance royalties. Re:Sound collects on behalf of the master rights owners of sound recordings and collects performance royalties.  By way of example, if you are playing copied sound recordings from your hard drive, you require a CONNECT licence.  The performance royalties collected by SOCAN and Re:Sound are the responsibility of the venues.