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What happens if more than one company claims ownership in a sound recording/music video?

How do CONNECT licensees obtain copies of my repertoire?

What countries does CONNECT have reciprocal agreements with?

If I become a member of CONNECT, can I still license my repertoire directly?

If more than one company claims ownership of a sound recording/music video, CONNECT will put the title on hold in our database to ensure that no money is paid out until the conflict is resolved, then contact both parties informing them of the conflict.

It is then up to the parties involved to contact each other and resolve the conflict. CONNECT has no ability to negotiate conflicts on behalf of our members. Once you have resolved the conflict, we require confirmation of the resolution by both parties. We will then update our database to reflect the correct owner, and release any funds associated with the title to the appropriate party.

There are three methods by which CONNECT licensees may obtain copies of your repertoire:

  1. Purchase from a legal music retailer
  2. Obtain promotional copies directly from your company
  3. DMDS

Yes; CONNECT is a non-exclusive licensing agency. This means that you may sign direct agreements with anyone you wish. Any direct agreement you sign will take precedence over your agreement with CONNECT.