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How and when do I embed my ISRCs into my songs and/or videos?

May 26, 2021

For professional mastering, at the final stage of audio mastering your mastering engineer will embed the ISRCs you have created into the data of your masters.

For digitally distributed formats, the ISRC of each track should be included in the metadata of the song file if possible. Some digital file formats do not easily support metadata such as .WAV files, so it is important to always provide ISRCs when uploading audio or video recordings to digital services or retailers. Most will require that an ISRC be submitted for tracking purposes. The MP3 format allows some rights management information to be included but is not often used. It is possible and recommended to embed ISRCs in the ID3 tags. While it is not part of the international standard, it does allow for the encoding of ISRCs.

There is no official way to embed an ISRC into a video, but your video editor should be able to include the ISRC in the metadata of your video file. As with audio, it is important to keep a detailed record of the ISRCs you assign and to provide a video ISRC to any service, retailer or other organization that requests it from you.