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Digital Video Pool Licence

This licence is ideal for video pools who would like to copy music videos for digital (Video CD or DVD) to be used by your subscribers and third party venues.

Some terms of this agreement include:

  • This licence is valid for one (1) year commencing on the date of execution.
  • To reproduce music videos on VCD or DVD format, you are required to use a third party manufacturer that utilizes the Source Identification Code (SID)
  • No more than 100 units of each digital compilation may be pressed.
  • The music videos may not be copied for broadcast on the internet.
  • Compression to copy and embody music videos is not permitted.
  • CONNECT Music Licensing and the record companies are not obligated to provide you with source music videos.
  • Videos copied are for events within Canada only.
  • You are responsible for music video delivery expenses to and from the record companies.
  • You are accountable for any loss or damage to the music video(s). Please use cost disclaimer from TV.
  • Costs to copy music videos are your responsibility.
  • Music videos may be used for the intended purpose of the record company only.
  • CONNECT Music Licensing may at any time recall any music videos as directed by the record company.
  • You are required to transfer videos from CONNECT Music Licensing approved sources.
  • The digital video supplier is required to copy music videos at equal or higher quality as intended by the record company.
  • The video compilations that are created may not contain any commercial messages nor may the music be edited or altered in any way.
  • You will be required to submit a list of desired videos to CONNECT Music Licensing prior to creating video compilations for record company approval.
  • The music videos copied must meet or exceed the quality intended by the record companies.


Minimum Guarantee: $7,500.00

Licence Fee:

The GREATER of $.20 per copy per music video or 15% of gross lease revenue, plus applicable G.S.T. or H.S.T.

For more information or for official terms of this agreement, please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.