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Video Pool DJ Licence

If you are a video pool who supplies copies of music videos on DVDs, DVD-Rs or CONNECT Music Licensing approved data discs (“Programs”) for lease to commercial subscribers that are DJs, this licence is for you.

Some terms of this agreement include:

  • This licence is valid for one (1) year commencing on the date of execution.
  • CONNECT Music Licensing and the record companies are not obligated to provide you with source music.
  • Programs are to be made available to commercial subscribers who are DJs only and to be used only for performance to the public for entertainment and not to individual consumers for home use.
  • A list of music videos you intend to use must be submitted to CONNECT Music Licensing for record company approval PRIOR to making the Programs.
  • The Programs that are created may not contain any commercial messages nor may the music videos be edited or altered in any way.
  • You may not sell music videos. These music video compilations are for LEASE only and are subject to recall at the end of the agreement or at CONNECT Music Licensing’s discretion.
  • You will be required to submit monthly reports pertaining to subscribers, Programs produced, and revenue.


Minimum Guarantee: $7,500.00

Licence Fee:

The GREATER of a minimum annual fee determined by CONNECT Music Licensing or 20% of gross lease revenue for Programs using CONNECT Music Licensing approved encryption, and 25% of gross lease revenue for Programs without encryption.

For more information or for official terms of this agreement, please contact CONNECT Music Licensing.